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At Iron Academy we do not base our success solely on the field. We not only want to challenge our athletes to sharpen their baseball skills but also to learn respect, discipline, and grow as future leaders in their communities.

We have carefully developed life skills curriculum which runs congruent with our baseball training program. These life skills sessions will be a regular part of your time at Iron Academy.  Our coaches have been hand selected and approved by the Iron Academy Board of Directors for their baseball knowledge, coaching ability, and character. We believe in a well rounded program that places emphasis on baseball development as well as character development. 



President/Director of Iron Academy:
Jeremy Newton

Vice President:
Heather Curtsinger

Katya Winchell

Michael Curtsinger

Equipment Manager:
Chris Goodrich

Event Coordinator/Public Relations:
Danielle Whitaker 7U
Danielle Lester 9U
Winnie Moore 11U

Fundraiser/Sponsor Coordinator:
Marisha Corn 7U
Katya Winchell 9U
Heather Curtsinger 11U

Parent Rep:
Allison Raymond 7U
Ashley Short 9U
Ann-Tyler Bryant 11U

Coach Rep:
Travis Edwards 7U
Troy Winchell 9U
Jason Barker 11U

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